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February 6, 2013 at 3:14pm

What your Twitter Bio says about you

  • UX Designer — Earns slightly more than a web designer
  • UI/UX Designer — Designer with multiple personalities
  • Rubyist — Earns more than a PHP developer
  • Front-end developer — Failed computer scientist
  • Producer — Failed at everything
  • Founder — Wants to sell you their thing
  • Evangelist — Wants to sell you someone else’s thing
  • Co-founder — Gets half of the sales of the thing
  • Lean UX Designer — Prefers skimmed milk in their latte
  • Hacker — Has facial hair
  • Platform Engineer — Has facial hair on neck
  • Creator — Has a God complex
  • Engineer — A designer that works at GitHub
  • Usability Director — Shouts at designers for a living
  • Interactive Designer — Used Macromedia Director at college
  • JavaScript Developer — Devil person. Beware.
  • Art Director — Designer with own office
  • Freelancer — Nocturnal, professional pyjama wearer
  • Artist — Even poorer than a designer
  • Illustrator — Proficient with pen tool
  • Creative Director — Likes a drink, Danish furniture and tattoos
  • Technologist — Has ethernet cables in their house. Talks about them a lot.
  • Community Manager — Paid to be on Facebook
  • SEO Specialist — Installs Wordpress plugins
  • Brand Manager — Has one client
  • Search Manager — Collects Adword vouchers from Wired
  • Entrepreneur — Changes laptop frequently. Showers at the gym.
  • Marketing Professional — Still thinks LinkedIn is a thing. Blogs about weddings.


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    Of course, my favorite is: “Marketing Professional — Still thinks LinkedIn is a thing. Blogs about weddings.” SO me!...
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    why I’m listed as just...“web developer.”
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    It’s not untrue.
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